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Company visit

05th May 2022

20th April 2022, 17 Ardian employees took part in the company visit organized by the Ardian Foundation and its partner charity Alliance pour l’éducation – United Way .

During this visit, organized as a treasure hunt, the students of the Robespirerre middle school from Goussainville solved riddles  to find their way around the offices and meet Ardian employees from various teams.

This treasure hunt first led them to Thierry Denoyel, who explained to them the basics of his activity in the Infrastructure department, using high speed trains and highways as examples. They also discussed with Rafik Alili and Alexis Manet from Buyout who, in addition to their jobs, present their academic backgrounds.

The students then went up to the sixth floor to meet Lynn Hochard, Michael Bottazzi and Valentin Havy from Middle Office, who gave them some tips to improve their English skills. They were also introduced to Ursule-Anne Michel-De-Cazotte and Alicia Peigere who presented them different aspects of communications careers.

Finally, they went to the 20 Place Vendôme, where the HR team welcomed them. Flavie Jean, Carla Arietano, Maxime Letissier, Chloë Lugon, Lisa Marrache, Joanna Abena and Claire Lehericy gave them tips for their future job interviews. They also got the opportunity to talk with Natacha Sudreau and Jérôme Jouyet from the Investor Relations team who presented them some people and businesses Ardian works with.

The aim of this event was to explain to these young people how a company functions, to present them different key jobs in an investment company and to show them several possible career paths (that don’t necessarily require Finance backgrounds!).

Thanks again to all the employees who spent the morning with the students!


17 employees involved

6 riddles solved

18 students present

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