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Secondary Education

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The Ardian Foundation supports Los Creadores program which encourages children in school to develop and present their technological and innovative ideas to solve societal issues linked to the Sustainable Development Goals

Previous winning ideas include: 

  • Braille printer machine for people with vision disabilities (1st Place 2018).

  • Ocean monitoring system that benefits artisanal fishing (1st Place 2019).

  • A filter that transforms grey or waste water into clean water  (1st Place 2020).

  • A recycled can robotic system that reflects sunlight to increase agricultural production (1st Place 2021).

+6.300 boys, girls and teachers involved

+1.100 projects that aim to solve local and global issues

Kodea’s program, Los Creadores, allows children from 6th to 12th grade across Chile to develop innovative digital solutions to societal issues using technology

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