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Friends of the Children - New York

Early childhood

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Break the cycle of generational poverty by supporting 1 child for at least 12 years.

The Ardian Foundation financially supports Friends of the Children - New York, a charity dedicated to supporting children in Harlem and the South Bronx. This charity  contributes to dismantling prejudices and breaking intergenerational poverty.


The charity assists children who face systemic barriers and who have suffered trauma from an early age. Friends of the Children - New York provides a professional mentor for each child and they work together from kindergarten to high school graduation. Each week, the mentor helps the child discover his potential by working on 9 key personal strengths (self-management, perseverance and grit, problem solving skills, and others...). This long-term support allows children to overcome personal, systemic and institutional obstacles that were in front of them.

91% of Friends NY youth finish high school

95% of Friends NY youth avoid the criminal justice system

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