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First PSE conference

19th June 2022

On Monday 30 May, the Ardian Foundation had the opportunity to participate in the first annual conference of the Chair of Educational Policies and Social Mobility.

Organised by the Paris School of Economics, the theme of the day was early childhood.

The afternoon started with a lecture on "Parental beliefs and child development" by Orazio Attanasio, Yale Professor of Economics and specialist in the economics of education, particularly in the field of early childhood. Using examples from work in India and Colombia, Orazio Attanasio showed how research can measure parental misperceptions and how group interaction classes with children and parents can correct them.

This was followed by a round table discussion on "Early childhood education and care: between universalism and social targeting, how to ensure access to quality services for all children". Dominique Senequier (President of Ardian), Carlo Barone (Professor at Sciences Po), Guillaume Roussier (Head of the Early Childhood Unit of the Childhood, Youth and Parenthood Department of the CNAF), Marc Gurgand (Director of Research at the CNRS and Professor at PSE), Fabienne Rosenwald (Director of the DEPP) and Mayalen Iron (Project Director of the 1000 premiers jours de l'enfant project at the Ministry of Solidarity and Health) were able to discuss the inequalities at play in the provision of care for young children.

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