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Chemins d'avenirs

Secondary Education 

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Reduce the strong divide that exists between young people from rural areas and young people from urban areas in their professional trajectories

The Ardian Foundation financially supports Chemins d'avenirs in the development of its actions. A few Ardian employees also participate in a mentoring program.

Chemins d'avenirs informs, supports and promotes middle school and high school students in peripheral France. They run a sponsorship system that includes one-to-one mentoring for each beneficiary. Chemins d'avenirs is the first structure to mentor young people from rural areas and small and medium-sized towns, regardless of academic results or social criteria. They believe that only a young person's motivation, curiosity and potential make the difference in their career and their plans for the future.

Present in 6 schools

+1,300 beneficiaries in 2021

80% of beneficiaries want to become mentors in the future

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