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The research
Educational policies and social mobility

A partnership with the Ardian Foundation, PSE and the DEPP

Run by Luc Behaghel (PSE, INRAE) and Julien Grenet (PSE, CNRS), this Chair aims to shed light on the mechanisms of unequal access to education and to determine the policies and actions likely to correct them.

Support for such projects is at the heart of the Ardian Foundation's action, which "focuses on helping children and young people project themselves into the future and realize their full potential" according to the details provided by Yann Bak, President of the Ardian Foundation. 

“We are proud to support the Chair, which will help improve knowledge on social mobility for a more inclusive society."

Education is a major subject for contemporary societies. Educational policies and changes in learning outcomes largely explain the level of growth and prosperity of countries. At the individual level, education is a crucial determinant, not only of wages and employment status, but also of health and well-being. However, within all communities, there are still strong gaps in access to education, which the Covid-19 pandemic has both highlighted and widened.

In France, it would take " 180 years " or 6 generations for a descendant of a poor family to reach the average income

1 in 5 students cannot read at the end of primary school in France

80,000 young people leave the French school system without a diploma each year

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