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Alliance pour l’éducation – United Way

Secondary Education 

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Alliance pour l’éducation – United Way strives for collective impact to help young people from priority areas across France in their academic success and in the construction of their professional future.

The Ardian Foundation financially supports Alliance pour l'éducation – United Way and Défi Jeunesse program, a personal development and professional world program for students from priority neighborhoods throughout middle school. There is currently a pilot program with a few high schools.

As part of Défi Jeunesse, Alliance for Education - United Way brings together schools, charities, companies, public actors and philanthropists to encourage young people to make informed career choices. The actions implemented by the charity to support these young people can take different forms:


  • Oral expression, self-knowledge and job discovery workshops

  • Company visits, career forums, testimonials from professionals and discussions on their career paths

  • Coaching sessions to refine and enhance CV and cover letter writing, practice for oral exams

  • Days of preparation for the 3rd year internship and contact with companies for the reception of interns

  • Days of brainstorming, with young people working in groups on the construction of a project and their pitch, which they present in front of a jury

13 500 beneficiaries

36 middle and high schools

69% of students say they increased their understanding of careers and the professional world

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