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1001 mots

Early Childhood

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By the time children enter kindergarten at age 3, some know 500 words, compared to 1,000 words for those who have grown up in a highly stimulating language environment.

The Ardian Foundation supports the 1001 mots charity in its fight against inequalities from an early age and in creating a stimulating environment for toddlers.

The 1001 mots charity supports parents of children aged between 0 and 3 years old and helps them with their baby's development. Books, ideas for games, personalized advice, exchanges between parents during workshops, on WhatsApp and Facebook groups... The charity provides them with various resources to stimulate the language of their little ones and thus fight, from the very first years of life, against dropping out of school. The charity has also created a distant support program that allows families to be followed for a long time.

20 freelance speech therapists and psychologists who call families

+2,000 children accompanied in 2021

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